Software Support

Software troubles seem to be a fact of life in the Information Age. Decreased performance, unknown errors, or outright failure can be the result of any number of problems or combination of problems. Figuring out the root cause is the first step in getting it resolved. Our troubleshooting can get you back on your feet in no time.


If your computer connects to the Internet, it's more than likely you've picked up at least one piece of software that you never intended to install: spyware. Spyware comes in many forms, and can range from being fairly innocuous to having major consequences. Some just track your browsing habits and pop up advertisements targetted for you. Others are designed to intercept personal and financial information with the intent to commit fraud. Fortunately, the latter is much less common than the former.

The other effect of spyware, and this includes the entire range of spyware products, is that it slows your computer down. Sometimes, spyware infestations can become so bad that they drag a computer almost to a complete standstill. Once-friendly programs crash for no reason, or won't open at all, and your web browser takes on a life of its own.