Hardware Modding

Let's face it: eye popping gear is pretty cool. Unfortunately, many don't have the time, tools, or know-how to turn their computer gear from ordinary into extraordinary. That's where we come in. You can be sporting gear unlike anyone else in no time.

From the purely cosmetic to the pragmatic to the uniquely functional, there are many things that can make your kit stand out. A new paint job, interior LED or cathode lighting, and a window installed can really make your case pop. A custom wiring harness, modular power supply conversion, midplane fan rack, and front panel sealing & filtration can dramatically increase cooling efficiency & the general cleanliness of your case interior. Custom carbon fiber panels can decrease the weight of your chassis, while providing a look & feel you won't find with many other cases. All of these things and more are within your reach.

Beyond your PC

Custom modifications don't have to be limited to your PC. Outfit your tablet or phone with a custom-fitted external battery pack. Pack your laptop, tablet, or smartphone into a made-to-order case, constructed with your choice of panels made from carbon fiber, Kevlar®, Cordura®, leather, or other exotic materials.