Media Services

We provide many services related to all forms of media: audio, video, photography [link], and print. If something isn't listed, please contact us with your requirements. We can either do it or help you find someone else who can.


With the rise of computers, major technological breakthroughs have occurred in audio technology. Digital formats preserve sound quality while drastically reducing the storage size of any given audio track. Now you can take advantage of these breakthroughs by digitizing your audio collection. MP3 players abound that are tiny, hold hundreds or thousands of songs, play for far longer than CD players on the same batteries, and never skip. If you want, you can eliminate the need to carry CDs entirely!


We currently don't have the capability to digitize video from analog sources, but we can manipulate and edit video that is already digitized.


We offer copy editing, proofing, and layout design for all manner of documents and texts. An extra set of eyes frequently comes in handy when you have to make sure your documents look their best.