About us . . .

Medius Design is a new name on an old face. Relocated to Spokane, Washington in the summer of 2007, Medius Design provides numerous technical and media services.


Trevor has been involved in computer and networking technology since the mid 1990s, and has amassed a great deal of experience in a wide range of related fields. From stringing stranded-pair wire & coaxial cable to web design, computer installation & troubleshooting to copy editing, there's not much he won't take a shot at tackling.

Among other things, he's worked as a human backhoe, teacher's assistant, manufacturing tech, remodeler, chauffeur, administrator, sales rep, CATV installer, editor, cabinet maker, web designer, and technology reseller. He looks forward to adding other items to that list in the future.


Nicola is a graduate of Eastern Washington University, graduating with a BS in Biology and a BS in Environmental Science. Her particular focuses in the fields of biology & environmental science are in botany & riparian ecology. She brings numerous related skills to our team, and is the brain behind our GIS work. She possesses a broad range of IT & mechanical skills, including software support & troubleshooting, plus extensive experience repairing a broad range of mechanical devices.

Her other experience covers large areas in a number of fields, giving her an extraordinary and diverse skillset. These include appliance troubleshooting & repair, CATV sales, service, & installation, retail sales & support, GIS mapping & data visualization, biological laboratory & field work (including teaching, team management, data gathering, logging, database management, statistical analysis, & presentation), food service sales, back-of-house management, catering, and in-home nursing care & medical support.