We're here for you . . .

Medius Design is not a typical industry specialist organization. While we do list many technology solutions, the sky really is the limit. We strive to provide any service that our clients find necessary to conduct their business in the fashion that best suits them. If we can't do it, we learn it or help our clients find someone who can. Customer service is our first priority. Repeat customers form the foundation of any truly successful business, and we're interested in keeping you coming back for more.

Our core services are designed to keep you up and running. From designing and building your first computer to maintaining a web presence, we're here to help you get where you want to go.

Web Design

Your website is your 24/7 face to the world. Put your best face forward with professional design and hosting services. [more]

Website Hosting

Picking and setting up a hosting solution can be a daunting task. Make it easier by having us do the legwork for you with simple, turnkey hosting solutions. Whether you are looking for low-cost, personal website and/or email hosting, or need the power & versatility of a virtual private or dedicated server, we can get you squared away with a provider that meets your requirements. [more]

Graphic Design

A picture can be worth a thousand words. Making sure those words are positive is what graphic design is all about. From cropping to a cohesive, comprehensive layout, make sure your graphics say what you want them to. [more]

Media Services

Print production, document proofing, editing, document format conversion, audio/video conversion and more. [more]

Software Support

When it works right, it can be wonderful. When things go wrong, software can be the bane of any computer user's existence. Getting that unruly computer back on the right track is the first step to increasing productivity and decreasing user frustration. [more]

Computer Hardware

Computers are the backbone of the Information Age. Get a custom-built computer tailored for your unique needs, or get help choosing the perfect machine from a national manufacturer. Upgrades and repairs to existing computers are no problem either. [more]


Make your Internet or intranet connection perform at its best. Connect your home computers together to share an Internet connection, documents, printers, or anything else. Get a phone, ethernet, or coaxial line to that new computer, or move an old computer to a new location without worry about remaining connected to the outside world. [more]

Hardware Modding

Want alterations done to your case, wiring, or other hardware, but don't have the time, knowledge, or equipment to do it yourself? Let us take care of tricking out your gear, whether it's a paint job, window installation, wiring, or lighting. [more]

Data Protection

Data loss can strike at any time. What would the loss of your personal or business data cost you in time and/or money? More than likely the cost of simple backups is far less than the answer to that question. [more]

GIS Mapping

GIS mapping solutions can help almost any business plan more quickly and efficiently. Being able to visualize how your complex data sets are geographically distributed can help prevent a myriad of problems (or solutions) which might otherwise go unnoticed. Knowing where to target is as important as knowing what to target. [more]


Get help planning and implementing solutions to many of today's business and personal problems, or just get help finding someone who can. [more]


Pre-planning and information gathering are critical for making sound decisions. If you don't have the time, are over-worked, or just don't know where to start, it's nice to have someone who can do the legwork or point you in the right direction. [more]


Education is an important investment, whether you use technology personally, for business, or both. Get help and make the most out of the tools you have. [more]